Red Hood Rider

Program fun

These are things that didn't really contribute to the design of Ruby (I had already long-since designed her prior to me making these), but which I did for fun to try and get as close to her design as possible.

Elegant archerGood lady

So these two are from this program. (WARNING: does become NSFW.) I later learned to do even more, but the image I have showing that is a bit too much of a spoiler to display at this time.

Ladylike Ruby

A program called FaceMaker made this.

Also facemaker

This program also bears the name FaceMaker.

Full-bodied Ruby

This is from the Anime Character Creator.

I like this one.Plus this

So these two come from Rinmaru Games.

Like I said, they're fun for playing around a bit, but I had made the characters in question long before I made them in the programs.

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