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Obsolete stuff

I might have deleted these things for Red Hood Rider a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit too soon, but thankfully, I recorded them here for posterity. These might not work perfectly, but we'll see.

Test page 1

Yo, this will be deleted eventually, but I need it up for the time being to run tests.



Let's test this auto-refresh comment feature.

Test Image 2


Test image 3

A final test image. Again, this will be taken down once the site goes live.
Second author comment.



This is a test comment.

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This is a reply comment.

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Another test comment.

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And this is also a reply comment.

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Let's make a third, see how that goes.

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Fourth comment, just to confirm something.

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And a test reply.

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This is me testing guest comments.

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This is a second guest comment test.

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This is not me testing something. It is just inky writing a comment.

-inky pretending to be Bree

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How did I not notice this?



Faulty coming soon announcement


So as it stands, I'm really, REALLY close to getting the comic released.

The site might be a little bit rough 'cause I'm a lousy coder, but it'll have to do. I've made it public, and I've put it in my signature, so people can subscribe. (I know, I don't have a comic avatar uploaded yet. I haven't drawn it yet, but I know what it'll be.)

Of course, I'll be deleting all these test comics (except maybe this one) once I start releasing pages, but for the time being, they can stay, as a preview of what you're in for.

Anyway, the schedule looks like this: today (that is, Wednesday), tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will all be spent making the remaining pages' sketch versions. That means digitization will begin somewhere around Monday, January 4th.

I'm not sure how long it'll take me to digitize the first episode, but I'm aiming for a mid-January release date. I won't know for sure an exact date until I actually get to that point, though, so...stay tuned. Get hyped. It's close!


Best of, sort-of.


So this nifty little thing is a handy reference image I'm using, because it's titled, "Best Of" basically, showing some of the absolute best images of Ruby. (Aside from the MSPaint colored one in the middle.)

It shows you, more or less, what you're in store for. It's also a nifty way of showing what Ruby looks like. Her eyes are blue when wearing the mask (the reason I have the central figure is to show that detail), green when out of mask (as shown by the top-right). Her hoodie and skirt are as depicted in the bottom-left, and this more or less explains/shows the color of her gloves and of Angel Wings. (Her bow.)

I'm mainly posting this to give you a status update. My art blitz was only 50% successful, and I received bad news at the end of it, being, that I'm going to be working MANY more hours than I had anticipated, so right now, I'm trying to get a page done every day at MINIMUM, if not two or three.

Since one a day would get just the black and white sketches done on January 17th and it'll take me time to digitize, might be a little bit later than I wanted.

I think that I can manage a rate of over a page a day, though, so I'm still anticipating a January release date.

Optimistically, somewhere around...oh, say, Friday, January 22nd. Don't hold me to that, though.



Two things.

First off, I can get a generally good idea of the chronological order of all of these images based on your improvement—I can see certain skills in specific areas developing between images, and I appreciate being able to see that, because it's pretty cool.

The action in some of these is actually established well, and not so great in others, which I'll also chalk up to improvement. I must ask, though: Do you draw gesture, and do you use construction shapes? If you don't, it may be worth playing around with, but it's kind of hard to tell.

Sorry if I'm being super invasive.

(Also, a question regarding your site layout: Why pink? I would have expected some sort of red. Also, you seem to have two comment leaving boxes down here.)


My drawing style is a weird hybrid of...well, everything, really. I mentally map out what I want to draw. I place down whatever I need to preserve that general thought: usually I start with a circle for the head, then lines to convey the shoulders, and basic lines to show where the arms will head, and some basic lines to convey where the chest will be. From there, I get more outlined, using shapes sometimes and using lines other times.

For instance, this is a mid-staged drawing. I've already half-turned the circle for the head into something, and the lines have begun to give way to shapes, but it's still blocky.

As for the layout: it's pink because I didn't trust in my layout skills to pick an aesthetically-good choice for red.

The pink I'm using is almost a direct invert of the default blue for the layout, same with the purple in the background. Both are simply taking the Blue Monday layout, switching numbers around, and then slightly tweaking them. I figured that it would still look okay.

So basically, it's because I don't trust in my own competence as a site designer to make something better. I'm afraid if I did it, I'd make it worse.

As for the two comment boxes: one is above the comments section, one is below. I know some people read the comic and then go directly into commenting, whereas some other people read all the comments and then make one of their own; if my comment page got long enough, the two boxes would be far enough apart as to be convenient rather than redundant.

25th Jan 2016, 12:55 AM edit delete reply

If you don't mind, I can tell you a few methods I've learned that really make drawing easier, but it's up to you on how you apply them and how you adapt them into your own personal style. PM me if you want me to, but I'm not really wanting to force anything on you.

Also, I think these colors may work:
Background: #A52626
Comic Wrap: #D66666
Comment Reply: #EA9393
Title Text: #5B0000
First/Previous/Next/Last Buttons: #FFBFBF

25th Jan 2016, 1:03 AM delete reply

PMs never hurt!
(Almost made a horrendously bad typo of 'never help', but uh, yeah. They always help, never hurt. So shoot.)



My awesome avvy's January 25th.

I should have released my comic by now.

Unfortunately, the lifeguarding I mentioned last time hit me much, much, MUCH harder than I anticipated, especially when combined with a hellish week when I was thoroughly depressed. While not suicidal, I was everything short of it, having given up on life.

That...lasted until half a week ago, when I got myself out of the artistic rut I had fallen into, but it's put me hopelessly behind schedule: I'm on page sixteen drawing-wise out of 22 for the prologue. Then I have to color them.

The above is the full-sized (well, actually, this is the FULL full-sized version of my current avatar, a coloring project I did today. 

It is based off of this panel. I did it to get some practice in the program I'll be using, FireAlpaca, and from my work there, I have (more or less) figured out what I'll be doing for coloring the pages.'s unfortunate that there's this delay, but oh well. I'll try and set a new deadline...soonish. Once I figure out how long it'll take to get back up and running. (I'm moving along, now.)



These pages were all deleted upon the launch of the comic.


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