Red Hood Rider

Inktober Sketches

Inktober is a month of art, akin to NaNoWriMo.

...In theory.

Here's what I managed in 2015.

Nice coat

I started out by knocking out a sketch of Ruby's hood. To this day, this is one of the best drawings I've done of it. Strong start.


Then I moved onto her skirt. I later decided three red lines rather than just two, but otherwise, this design remains true to the current Ruby. Still strong.


My Day Three sketch was NSFW, but my Day Four and Day Five sketches were doing Ruby's mask and Dark Ruby's mask. This, incidentally, remains as Dark Ruby's canonical mask; anything else is just my crude attempt to recreate what I made here.


The final sketch related to Red Hood Rider, which has to do with a trademark favorite food.

Now here's what I've done for 2016.

Rather energetic.

This is Black Lightning, the archnemesis of Ruby, and by extension, one of her rogues. I whipped this up in half an hour, with no reference images and no erasing. Given that, I think it turned out quite well!

Daily blog.

I do those art blogs every day, but I'm posting this one in here because it has a single panel of comic art.

Call her Sally if a friend, Samantha otherwise.

Sally is The Rival to Ruby, and as such, is basically the heroic counterpart to Black Lightning.

Two guys.

These two guys are side characters that will be supporting Sally.

Deja vu.

Does this look familiar? It should. This is the same concept as last year, when I did Red Hood Rider/Ruby's hoodie and skirt. So here, I am doing White Sailor/Sally/Samantha Spencer's titular white sailor fuku and accompanying skirt.

This, not so much.

Since Sally, unlike her rival Ruby, does not wear a mask, this year I decided to do her shoes, something I planned to do for Ruby last year but never got around to.


Another thing I never got to do last year is show off Ruby's weapon. This year, I decided to remedy that with Sally's weapon, and even got to display some of my Engineering skills as well!

*whistles some tune*

Back to actually inking, here we see the same weapon again, only sealed--again, something I wanted to do last year with Ruby, but didn't, so am doing this year with Sally.

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