Red Hood Rider

Concept Sketches

A page for concepts that you'll be seeing in the comic eventually.

Has a real sting.

This is a character named, well, Asp. You won't see him for quite some time.


You'll see Dark Ruby relatively early compared to some of these other concepts, but she's still not an immediate character.


This is a trace of the Dark Ruby sketch above, meant to highlight both the differences between Ruby and Dark Ruby, and my familiarity with drawing the two.

Eye candy, sort of.

An unfinished sketch that I used to get a reference on some of the guys in the cast.

Cover 1Cover 2

A couple of cover concepts, for future episodes of Red Hood Rider. At some point in the future, you'll end up seeing things vaguely resembling these two images made in-canon as a result.

A real blast.

This is a concept sketch for Black Lightning, one of Ruby's rogues, and the first to be featured on-screen!

Sally, Ruby's Rival.

This is a concept sketch for Sally, Ruby's rival. She's basically a second protagonist, and would be if Ruby wasn't.

Sally at her finest

This is Sally's outfit. Her superhero name is White Sailor, for obvious reasons.

Sally at her best

And here we have Sally's outfit from the legs down. Samantha Spencer is her full name and civilian name, though friends call her Sally.

Bada bing, bada boom.

Here on prominent enginneering-like display, we have Sally's weapon of choice.

*whistles innocently*

And Sally's final accessory: that same weapon's sealed form.

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