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Character Battle

A brief history of Character Battle: back in the day, there was a forum game which was brawling between users. I remembered the fad even after it had passed, and years later, revived the concept...just with it being characters. And then I ran it for a while. Unfortunately, I had difficulty maintaining the whole project. The idea started simple enough, and personally, I did nothing to make it's just that other people really got into it, bringing a whole life to it, up to and including one of the longest-running, most-successful roleplays of all time (which I had no involvement in). That scope was beyond my ability to run, so eventually, I stepped down.

Three years later, the concept was revisited. While I wasn't around at the beginning for the first round, I gave my blessing to the concept once I returned...up to, and including, participating, by using Ruby's abilities as they are shortly prior to the comic's canonical start. (In short, when she is a complete and total amateur, even more a rookie than when the comic begins.)

Now, both of my opponents eventually bailed, and I took a break myself in order to focus on the actual comic, but all the same, these comics were made.

Well...that's not good.

My initial opponent was someone about the same power as Ruby stat-wise, but with the advantage of being immune to magic...which almost all of Ruby's attacks are based off of. The bit about Ruby being her world's equivalent of a knight is because that's basically what riders are. I made a three-part move. Here's the other two.

Technically a true statement!

Well, it did exactly what it said it would.

My opponent had to bow out, so using the above, we got a second fight. Starting with his move. Which was three parts, too. To clarify, I did not make the three images following.

Seems legit.

And not the good way.

This guy, unlike my original opponent, was just a normal human. (His creator did volunteer, knowing this.) So, that's why he was outclassed in every way.

It would.

That trick actually would work on Ruby, by the way.

Then, I made the last move in the fight, which my opponent never responded to:


I was hoping it'd continue, but alas.

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See also, also: fanart by me.

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